Janet has more than 20 years of qualitative and quantitative research experience which includes designing and implementing research projects to collect information from staff, customers and professionals.

Much of Janet's recent mahi has focused on helping non-profits to better understand the views of their clients, partners and/or members. New technologies mean that a great deal of research is now within the reach of most organisations.

Janet's recent projects include:

  • Redesigning a research framework for a non-profit organisation which included seeking service feedback from professionals, staff and clients

  • Designing and running an inclusive strategic and operational planning process for a non-profit with 30 staff

  • Designing and implementing membership surveys for professional societies

  • Interviewing key stakeholders and developing a report on the feasibility of a large redevelopment project for a non-profit

  • Talking to thought leaders in New Zealand and overseas to help inform the direction of a significant 20 year philanthropic initiative

  • Development of a database for the cost-effective collection of new cases of hearing loss among children and young people - and annual analysis of data to produce a report

Janet has consistently produced robust and insightful analysis on complex health and education issues that we have found invaluable in the design and delivery of our services.
— Scott Johnston, CEO, The Hearing House.
Our client was delighted. Therefore we are delighted! Enthusiasm, professionalism and thorough research knowledge. Plus a great person to work with.
— Brandon Wilcox, Managing Director, Evolve Marketing
Janet uses her considerable research skills to provide the hearing sector with reports which help audiology and other professionals make meaning from complex clinical data. These reports are valued by those working in the sector and Janet focuses on making improvements to these each year. We have a strong working relationship with Janet and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.
— Sue Smith, Managing Director, Accessable