Here's just a sample of the clients Janet has worked with in recent years

JR McKenzie Trust

The JR McKenzie Trust is an incredible charitable Trust set up in 1940 by Sir John McKenzie, and continued by his family.  It has a 70-year history of helping to build stronger communities.

Janet has been fortunate to have managed two significant projects for the Trust - See Here, and the Peter McKenzie Project. The Peter McKenzie Project is focused on helping more families in Aotearoa flourish and involves spending down $17 million over up to 20 years to achieve this using systems change approaches.

"Janet got her head around a complex task very quickly, and produced a cogent and convincing report that not only gave us a clear direction, but also assured us that we had been right to choose her. Her high quality analysis, relationship and communication skills, and passion to contribute to positive social causes were all evident..."
                                                                                                     - Iain Hines, Executive Director, JR McKenzie Trust

"The professionalism, care, integrity and insight that Janet brings allowed us to make strong, informed decisions. Her organisation and preparation skills are superb but her greatest contribution is linked to her ability to focus on the kaupapa and seek collective outcomes that will support transformative change."
                                        - Professor Tracey McIntosh, Head of Sociology, Auckland University. Committee Member, Peter McKenzie Project

For the last 15 years I have been very fortunate to have had a continuous stream of work with an amazing group of clients, mostly in the non-profit sector.
— Janet Digby

The Hearing House

The Hearing House is a charity for deaf children and their families. It's mission is to enable deaf or hearing impaired children to listen and speak like their hearing peers.

Recent projects for The Hearing House include:

  • A feasibility study for its new redevelopment

  • Redesign of the organisation's client and professional surveys

  • Evaluation of the organisations new 'Sunshine Residential' programme

"Janet has consistently produced robust and insightful analysis on complex health and education issues that we have found invaluable in the design and delivery of our services.”
                                                                                                                   Scott Johnston, CEO, The Hearing House


The New Zealand Audiological Society

Janet has worked with the New Zealand Audiological Society since 2004, including designing and running their membership surveys.

"The New Zealand Audiological society has worked with Janet over the last 10 years and we continue to reap the benefits of this working relationship. Janet undertakes a membership survey for us (membership of close to 350) and works with the executive council to decipher the results and look for some clear action points to work on improving engagement and satisfaction with the membership...She is well regarded by our members and we enjoy a positive ongoing working relationship with her."                                                                                                                     Karen Allen, President NZAS 2013-2014

Janet’s work has exceeded expectations. In particular, her willingness to take ownership of issues/projects and find strategies to run them within our often lethargic volunteer environment...She has a bull-dog like tendancy to get jobs done.
— Peter Stubbing, Past President New Zealand Audiological Society

Enable New Zealand- Deafness Notification Database (Ministry of Health)

The New Zealand Deafness Notification Database collects information about the number and characteristics of newly diagnosed hearing losses among children and young people. This original database  operated from 1982-2005 but in 2006 no data was being collected. In 2009, Janet restarted the database, with the support of the Audiological Society, designing a new online approach for collecting notifications, and now this database is again being supported by the Ministry of Health.

Janet uses her considerable research skills to provide the hearing sector with reports which help audiology and other professionals make meaning from complex clinical data. These reports are valued by those working in the sector and Janet focuses on making improvements to these each year. We have a strong working relationship with Janet and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.
— Sue Smith, Managing Director, Accessable (previous fundholder prior to Enable New Zealand)

Project HIEDI

The purpose of this project was to advocate for the establishment of a nationwide programme which would screen babies for hearing loss. This programme was implemented around the country from 2008, including all areas of New Zealand by 2012. Janet managed Project HIEDI from 2002 to 2011, with an amazing Steering Team guiding the project’s development.

"I am extraordinarily satisfied with the work Janet has provided. The quality is very high…and I would not hesitate for a millisecond to recommend her for any project management position."

— Professor Peter Thorne, Audiology, School of Population Health, University of Auckland.



Hearing Auckland

We had implemented a new model for our health service delivery and needed to find a writer who was able to bring everything together and to clearly articulate our purpose and processes.

Janet came recommended. We found her so easy to work with, she was clear from the very beginning. She listened to what we wanted and worked within our tight timeframes. She included us throughout the project and made sure to clarify things she wasn’t sure of. She had an excellent communication style which was really important to us. We never had to chase Janet up on anything she delivered exactly what she said she would.

We would strongly recommend Janet and if we ever needed any other reports we would not hesitate in contracting her again.
— Cynthia Brown-Mendes, Chief Executive Hearing Auckland


Pro bono committment

In addition to doing much of her work in the non-profit sector, Janet also works with a small number of clients on a pro-bono basis - to acknowledge the importance of giving back to the community. In recent years this has included work for Radio Lollipop and the Devonport Peninsular Precincts Society.