Janet is also experienced at writing knowledge reviews on specific subject areas. The development of these reviews often involves working with subject matter experts to develop a paper including key conclusions which can then be used to guide decision-making.

Two of these reviews have been used to advocate for national policy changes in Wellington, with both officials and politicians.

In addition to Knowledge Reviews, Janet has also written a number of academic papers which have been presented to local and international conferences. Recently, one of Janet's papers was published by the New Zealand Medical Journal. 

Our main concern was [Janet’s] lack of knowledge of the field. However, she has shown an extraordinary ability to come to grips with the complexities of hearing loss and effects on individuals and families so this has not proven to be an issue.
— Professor Peter Thorne, University of Auckland

Examples of reviews include:

  • A review of child poverty literature to assist the JR McKenzie Trust to narrow the focus of one of its projects
  • Development of an evidence-based case for government to support the introduction of newborn hearing screening, nationwide
  • Development of a position paper for a service provider describing the basis for its work and priorities
Janet got her head around a complex task very quickly, and produced a cogent and convincing report that not only gave us a clear direction, but also assured us that we had been right to choose her. Her high quality analysis, relationship and communication skills, and passion to contribute to positive social causes were all evident...
— Iain Hines, Executive Director, JR McKenzie Trust